Our Pets

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“Pets devour the loneliness. They give us purpose, responsibility, a reason for getting up in the morning, and a reason to look to the future.” ― Nick Trout, veterinary surgeon and author ↓ Scroll [...]

Photos from the Harry Potter Party with The Animal Store

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  Here are some of our favorite photos from launch party of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, held in conjunction with the City of Evanston and Northwestern University on Saturday, July 30, 2016. Kenn [...]

Why We Don’t Sell Fire-Bellied Newts

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The Animal Store is no longer selling Fire-bellied Newts at this time. A fungal infection known as Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans has infiltrated the supply chain, and this fungus represents a significant threat to the entire native amphibian [...]

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