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Why do gorillas have big nostrils?

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Because they have big fingers.

The Gorilla Joke

Animal Store Alphabet Book

Animal Store Alphabet Book

Did you know there is a picture book all about The Animal Store?

The Animal Store Alphabet Book is about all the pets (well some of them) here at The Animal Store. There’s even a coloring book and poster to go with it. Stuffed full of facts and fun illustrations. Get yours today.

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“Recruit your pet as a study partner. Few things are more relaxing than having a warm, furry creature next to you as you study.”

― Stefanie Weisman, author — The Secrets of Top Students

Happy Pet Owners … so cute!

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Are you a Happy Pet Owner?

We’d love to see photos of you with your pet! Click the Send Us Your Photos! button to email us. Be sure to ask your family for permission, and include your first name, the first name of any people in the photo, and the name of your pet. You’re welcome to tell us a little about your pet, too. We’ll let you know if you make the blog as one of our Happy Pet Owners.

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