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Here’s the virtual home of our real pet store in Lincolnwood, IL. You’ll find deals, ideas, info, and fun. Plenty to see and do, but visit us in person to pet the bunnies!

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What People Are Saying …

“A great store with healthy animals and an abundance of supplies to keep them happy…Definitely a great alternative to chain pet stores.” — Rhie Cruz

Kenn the owner is very understanding. We had some issues with a rabbit and he went above and beyond to help us…You do not get that type of customer service from a big box store.” — Jet Sullivan

“They had everything we needed for our new ferret and food for my hedgehog. I love this place!” — Lola Iliavi-Ziomek

“The only store in the Chicago land area with exotic pets! Glad we visited.” — Rosa Maria

Kenn and his staff are SUPER helpful and know their stuff. Great prices on everything!” — GB Esh

“Super knowledgeable and helpful…The Animal Store carries plenty of supplies to keep my reptile happy and healthy at decent prices.” — Diane W.

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“So wonderful, all of the pets that I have gotten from here have been in perfect health…Awesome pets, supplies, and advice!”  — Lauren M.

“Really great hidden Gem of a store. Their prices are even cheaper than one of their “big box” competitors down the street. Pretty cool!” — Sarah R.

“The place to go for reptiles. I needed to speak to a professional, and Kenn was extremely helpful in explaining what the bearded dragon needs and why. Well worth the drive from the city.” — J.J.

“Masses of rare and beautiful animals from giant tortoises to Russian chipmunks…Fantastic.” — Matthew David S.

Traveling Animal Show

Entertainment on the wild side!


Now these are real party animals! Perfect for:


  • birthdays

  • block parties

  • school or church groups

  • special events


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Conveniently Located

Just east of I-94
just north of Chicago

next to Starbucks

4364 W. Touhy Ave.
Lincolnwood, IL

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